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Friends in Iraq

An old college friend’s husband was just deployed to Iraq yesterday. He’s a captain in a medical battalion out of Ft. Bragg; I think his deployment is scheduled to be a year. He leaves behind his wife and two children.

This is one story among many. Please, support our troops.

To anyone who is reading this, send me a picture of yourself (and/or any friends and family) with a yellow ribbon. I’ll pass them on to all my friends who are deployed.

Most don’t want to be there; most want to be home with their families. And despite what the press reports, there are many many Iraqis and Afghanis that are appreciative of our soldiers’ efforts. Sure, there’s lots of rough spots. And there are definitely some bad apples in the US military (who the press is capitolizing on, unfortunately). But let’s not forget some things that the world press is choosing not to publicize: women are back in school. Kids are getting health care. Homes have electricity. Afghanistan just had a free election. Is the United States the solution in the middle east? Clearly not. And I don’t think that anyone believes that. But we certainly can’t just pull out right now, so I have to put faith in those who are in charge that they’re doing the absolute best that they can. I certainly believe in the US servicemen and women over there.

Regardless of how you feel about Bush and his policies, please support our troops. Support free Afghanis, and support free Iraqis.


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If you’re interested in other ways to support our troops, see www.anysoldier.us, http://www.mailforsoldiers.com/ and www.heromiles.org. Anysoldier is my personal fave but there are many other ways to give a little time and/or money to let our brothers and sisters in arms know that you’re thinking of them.


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