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Slices of gouda cheese

ND lost the football game yesterday to Pittsburgh. The announcers kept saying how great the Pitt QB was, but really… really, he got lucky with some very questionable penalty calls against ND that kept drives alive. I don’t usually complain when we lose (because usually we lose because we deserved it), but several bad calls yesterday definitely could have tipped the game — which was very close — in our favor. Grumble. ☹

Was at SC all last week where we had an all-day tutorial about Open MPI which went very well (despite several last minute glitches). We went around and talked Open MPI to everyone who would listen (and several who didn’t!). All in all, it seemed to go quite well, but it was a very busy week. We’re targeting our first stable release in Q1 of next year.

So Open MPI is all “working” — but at a developer level. Lots of cleanup and polishing to finish before the Q1 release. Lotsa good work to do before then.


Tracy’s gramma was just here for the weekend — the munchkins got to meet their great gramma. Lots of pictures (under “k-n-k, 11-2004 meeting with great gramms”).

I’m getting craploads of blog spam these days (5-10 per day). I’ve started blocking entire TLD’s (info, biz, etc.), and am blocking oodles of them. These guys are total scum.


BTW, I was totally incorrect on my prediction about how long it would take to determine the next US president. I’m big enough to admit when I’m wrong, but I do admit that I’m surprised! ☺


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I agree, man…that was Grand Theft Football. It hurt to watch.

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