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Really stupid spammers

I got over 50 spam posts to my blog yesterday. The thing is, 95% of them were from a really stupid spammer. It looks like someone is using a bot network to post to MT blogs (because I get hit with the same message from lots of different IPs), but the message doesn’t advertise anything, and doesn’t contain any URLs. It looks like the spammer left the default / template blog post message and forgot to fill in a targeted message to advertise whatever they are trying to scam / sell. Here’s the message that is being posted over and over in my blog comments:

You are invited to visit the sites about… Thanks!!

It’s amusing to think that someone is actually paying for this (i.e., spammers typically hire bot networks for this kind of thing, so the spammer is paying for this, but isn’t getting any advertising at all), but it’s also sad to think that the stuff is so easy these days that any idiot can do it.


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