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So you're not supposed to fry the hats?

Dad gave me an early Christmas present — two more 6’ bookshelves in my office. I needed them badly — I only had one before, and it was massively overful. Now with a total of three bookshelves, they’re over half full. Here’s some interesting stats:

  • 51 IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Processing
  • 10 ACM Disributed Computing
  • 15 ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology
  • 19 Linux Journals
  • 48 IEEE Computer magazines
  • 33 IEEE Spectrum magazines
  • 12 IEEE Potentials magazines
  • 12 Cluster World magazines
  • 8 Robert Ludlum books
  • 14 Dale Brown books
  • 17 Clive Cussler books
  • 18 Jon Sanford books
  • 12 Orson Scott Card books
  • 11 Frank Herbert books (including some written by his son, Frank Jr.)
  • 7 Lee Child books
  • 10 Tom Clancy books
  • 6 phone books

Sprint finally processed my slamming claim. I got a measley $30 back from them (there was well over $100 in charges).

Thanks for nothing, Sprint. You guys slammed me and then took my money. Slimy, slimy, slimy.

I was doing some routine computer maintenance work at the church where I volunteer yesterday and one of the other volunteers (a 91 year old woman) gave me two Christmas stockings for the girls that she had knitted herself. They are the coolest things I have ever seen — they have the girls’ names on them and “2004” (the year that they were born, obviously).

Awesome stuff!


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What about Asimov?


Somehow, Asimov has totally escaped my adult-life collection. I think I Asimoved myself out when I was a teenager…?

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