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It's Raining Failed Disks

In a previous entry, I mentioned how I had two disk failures within 24 hours of two totally different machines. I found out that in the same week, a friend found 3 bad disks in another RAID in one of his systems.

I smell a global consipiracy!

So the new disk arrived from Dell. When I went in to install it, I was surprised to find that that disk, too, was bad (!). Specifically, it wouldn’t even start up — the RAID controlled immediately identified the disk as “failed.” I called Dell tech support and spent over an hour convincing the support guy that the replacement disk was bad and that we needed [another] new one.

That’s not nearly as bad as it sounds — the Dell guy was actually quite knowledgeable, but he [rightfully] insisted that we try an exhaustive set of tests to ensure that the disk really was bad. Unfortunately, I was doing this in the evening, and it was long past the deadline for overnight delivery, so it’ll be delivered after the holiday next week.

For my own system, I submitted a web form the night of the failure to get an RMA number. I then called them first thing in the morning to see if I could convince them to send me a new disk before they received the old disk back. It took 13 minutes to look up my order (apparently I had committed the cardinal sin of having the disk shipped to where the server resides, so I didn’t have the invoice. The invoice is apparently the sole place on the planet where my customer order number exists; it wasn’t even on the receipt (which I have). Weird.

Once he found my order, I explained my situation (including telling him that I had submitted the RMA form the night before). He issued me an RMA number on the spot. After much groveling, cajoling, and begging, the guy also grudgingly agreed to send me the new disk right away. So I’m very grateful for that, but it seemed pretty odd that I had to go through so much trouble for reasonable customer service.

And then, to top it off, towards the end of the day (i.e., several hours later), I got an e-mail response to the RMA form that I submitted the night before with a new RMA number.

Yeah, I don’t think that I’m going to order from this company again.


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