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Munchkin update on the munchkins

Some idle musings while watching over the munchkins:

  • While carrying two babies around the house, the number of Baby Thermal Units (BTUs) released can be quite high — daddy and daughters can be quite hot and sweaty after the experience. It’s like carrying around two minature portable (but squirmy) fusion generators.
  • The velocity of a baby sneeze is approximately 7,000 mph and has a range of roughly four miles. I’ve learned not to get in the way; at that speed, baby snot can do some serious structural damage. We have special titanium face masks for sneeze emegencies.
  • If you blow in a baby’s face, they blink a lot and blow bubbles. I have zero clue how these two reflexes are connected, but it’s quite repeatable.
  • When you think your child has gotten over acid reflux and it’s safe to take them off their daily anti-vomitus maximus medication, you’re wrong. If you still think you’re right (even though you’re wrong), prepare for an onslaught of barfage.

Here’s a few munchkin updates:

Kathryn is getting better at sitting up. That is, she’ll actually sit up (with some assistance; she can’t sit up by herself without assistance yet) and more-or-less stays there herself. She’s babbling a lot, making lots of gurgle and vowel sounds. She also has figured out that she doesn’t need to scream to get attention (what a novel concept!) — she can do a low-power squine (squeak+whine) that sounds like air escaping from a tire. Seriously, it sounds like my daughter is leaking. It usually means, “Daddy, you have displeased me in some way. I realize you have no idea what you did, but a) get used to it, and b) fix it.” Kathryn is also almost-rolling-over. She can get about 3/4 of the way there (and does so frequently), but hasn’t quite figured out that she needs to move the ground-side arm inward in order to complete the roll. Finally, Kathryn has the cutest sleep faces, particularly if she’s asleep and “surfaces” for a minute or two — she’ll raise her head, smack her lips a few times, and then re-submerge.

Kaitlyn has this amazing spike of hair near the crown of her head — it’s at least 3-4 inches long (whereas the rest of her and Kathryn’s hair is about 0.5 inches long). It’s the funniest thing — she looks like a tiny mad scientist. Kaitlyn is [generally] sleeping better/longer than Kathryn, but we’ve still got a ways to go in the sleep department before mommy and daddy will get a full night’s sleep. Kaitlyn’s not babbling or rolling as much as Kathryn, but she is trying to laugh. She and her sister have had full smiles for quite a while, but now she’s actively trying to mimc laughing noises (which is pretty funny in itself, because her laugh noises are not yet developed).


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When my cousins go to munchkin swimming lessons, you blow in their faces before you put them under the water. My aunt used to tell me that is how they new to hold their breath…but maybe they’re just blowing out bubbles the whole time like Kathryn?

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