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No, I mean, thank God I sent Will in my place

It’s official — I got my first snail mail addressed to “Wailing Banshees” the other day (from the Kentucky Division of Unemployment Insurance; one of the three ID numbers that I had to apply for in order to pay our nanny legally).

We got an XM MyFi for Christmas — an XM walkman. It’s pretty nice; it can record up to 5 hours of broadcasting (which I think is how one normally listens to it indoors). I do believe it can even do timed recording, like a VCR, so you can “tape” specific shows, if you want.

It also amuses me that it has an NYSE stock ticker across the bottom of the display.

So I’ve retired my old Delphi Roady radio and am using this MyFi instead. Rich M. actually bought the Roady from me; I’ll be shipping it to him shortly.


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