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I haven't written in a

I haven’t written in a while. As usual, you’ll cope.

A bunch of random notes:

  • LAM/MPI was features on apple.com today: http://developer.apple.com/hardware/hpc/mpionmacosx.html. They even mentioned Open MPI. Woot!
  • LAM continues toward what will hopefully be its last release: 7.1.2. I uploaded b13 today. We’ll see how it fares!
  • Open MPI trundles towards its first release. All in all, things are looking fairly good. The RTE still needs a bunch of work, but the rest is looking pretty darn good.
  • Queeg, my desktop machine, has an uptime of almost 7 months (217 days) — a personal best.
  • The munchkins were Baptized (a bunch of family were here for a long weekend). They were quiet throughout the entire mass, destroying any credibility that we may have had with horror stories of colic, etc.
  • We had a meeting out in California for Open MPI where I also got to spend some fun time with D&D who gave me bunny slippers with big fangs, if you know what I mean.


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