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Purple catepillars

Two journal entries in as many days — it’s crazy, I tell you!

  • I ordered faster DSL from my ISP today. Should be available in a few days. W00t!
  • When I upgraded the firmware on my D-Link router, it fixed the problem of it hanging up on my ssh sessions. I can’t believe how happy this has made me — I can leave ssh sessions idle for hours and hours and hours and they don’t hang up on me! This sounds like such a small thing, but always remembering to have to run a “idle” script (e.g., “while (1) uptime; sleep 300;”) was a major PITA. There is nothing more annoying than coming back to a terminal after lunch or a meeting and finding that your emacs — with currently running compiles, active debuggers, and all your relevant source code files open — has gone because the router hung up on an “inactive” ssh session.
  • Kaitlyn has this funny “I don’t know if I’m happy or unhappy” face — when she’s grumpy/tired at the end of the day, and you do something to make her smile or laugh, her face controts into this funny grimace resembling Mr. Potato Head on crack.
  • Kathryn is verbalizing up a storm these days (they’re both “talking”, obviously, but Kathryn talks more than Kaitlyn). Particularly when she’s happy or excited, she’ll continuously make “bleh” noises.
  • I got a guest account on Yahoo! 360. Very cool stuff!


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