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I have the ancient curse of Basque on my head, so get off my back, Sparky

A bunch of quickies:

  • From outta the blue, I got a journal entry comment from an old friend — Sonja Y. Glad to hear that she’s doing well and has a new son almost the same age as my munchkins. Woot!
  • Speaking of babies, Johnney and Jacque T. are also expecting — she’s due in about a month (a son). Woot!
  • Man, it’s just raining babies.
  • Johnney S. was here in Louisville over the weekend with his 2 year old son Mikey. Highlights included the Louisville Science Center (the Water Table exhibit was a huge hit) and the Louisville Zoo (everyone thought John and I were a gay couple. Quote of the day: “Yes, everyone may think that, Jeff, but if you try to kiss me, I’ll have to deck you.”). It was great to see Johnney again (he was a groomsman in my wedding), although the weekend seemed too short. :-(
  • Rich M. and I decided to buy a MoveableType unlimited personal license for use on WOPR (the server that hosts this blog) to help centralize the management of all the currently-personally-owned-and-managed MT blogs. Yay MT. :-)
  • I unexpectedly received a free copy of SuSE Linux Professional v9.3 today. I assume that this is because SuSE includes LAM/MPI, and I’m listed as the contact. It cost them 85 Euros to ship it to me from Germany. That’s really quite a nice gesture; I’m impressed (I didn’t even know it was going to be coming).

I’ll close with two pictures that I took on the way to Bloomington, IN (where I work) the other day. I swear that a) these are real, undoctored pictures, and b) I personally took them on 27 Apr 2005 at the Super 8 Hotel at exit 50 on I65 in Indiana, USA (just outside Seymour, IN). The banner has actually been hanging there for months; I haven’t had the heart to walk in and tell them how funny it is.


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