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If the Hunchback of Notre Dame was running a deficit, do you think that Mickey Mouse would jump in there and bail him out?

I love firm pillows (to sleep on, that is), but I have a habit of destroying them. Let me explain.

I’m a side sleeper. I sleep on my side. I admit it. For as long as I can remember, I have preferred firm pillows. Mushy, so-called “plush” or “soothing” down pillows are bunk. Yuk! When you put your head down, all the mushyness squashes out to the sides and it’s just like you have put your head down directly on the mattress. On the other hand, you have excellent side-impact protection, but I don’t think that that’s of much value while you’re sleeping in a stationary bed.

Keep in mind that I’m not talking about brick-hard pillows. Just something firm enough so that when you put your head down, it stays elevated and the base of your skull is kept more-or-less in line with your spine. It’s just much more comfortable that way. I’ve been buying firm pillows for years, and requesting them when I stay in hotels (I love hotels that have firm pillows in the room closet, waiting for you, ready to say “Hello! Use us instead of those icky mushy pillows!”).

I’ve been buying king-sized firm pillows for quite a while, but I keep destroying them (i.e., turning them mushy). I think there are two problems:

  • the length of the pillow gives room for the previously-firm material to squash out to the sides over time.
  • before I go to sleep every night, I read in bed. I have been taking my firm king-sized pillows and folding it into an upside down “U” and propping myself up on that to read. I think that this is helping destroy the firmness in the middle of the pillow (i.e., the crest of the upside down U).

So last weekend, I bought a new firm regular sized pillow. It’s called “The Hunk” (so says JC Penny).

I’ve never had a pillow that had a name before.

I use The Hunk for sleeping and my old firmushy king-sized for reading. It seems to be working out. We’ll see what happens.

Munchkin update:

  • In the mornings and evenings, we have both Kathryn and Kaitlyn sitting in the same crib while they’re being changed. Kathryn has recently started to grab the side of the crib and pull herself up to a kneeling position. Needless to say, we moved the crib mattresses down a notch this weekend and took off the bumpers. Last pictures of them in their crib with the bumpers are available in the usual place.
  • We also had to get new car seats because they’ve outgrown their old seats. They’re still rearward facing (and will stay so until they’re at least a year old), but we saved a bunch by buying off the internet (as compared to purchasing in person at a Babies R Us, for example). We even got free shipping!
  • The munchkins got to meet a bunch of my work colleagues because we had an Open MPI week-long meeting in Louisville and we had some dinners at Chez Squyres.
  • The munchkins also got to meet Great Uncle Paul; he was in Louisville for a lawer thing and came by on Saturday morning on his way home.

Tracy and I actually went to see a movie in the theather last week. As far as we can remember, this is the first movie we’ve seen in 1.5 years. Woof!

It was Tracy’s birthday, so I surprised her and got a sitter (our nanny, actually), and we went out to see Fever Pitch. It was a cute romantic comedy; I give it 5 minutes.

Pay-per-view is becoming our favorite way to catch movies these days. We have recently seen Shall We Dance? (Tracy’s choice. Ehh… sympathy) and Flight of the Phoenix (not bad — 8.75 minutes).

A shout out to D&D today, because it’s their 1 year anniversary. Actually, it’s more like their 57th or so, but they got formally married only a year ago.

W00t for them!


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