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Random randomness, listed randomly

  • Daylight savgins time:
    • It’s great! More light at night; more time to enjoy the outdoors, the view, the sunset, etc.
    • It sucks. It really screws with a baby’s sense of when to sleep.
  • Saw A Shark’s Tale on pay-per-view. Eh. It had all the expected marine puns and was generally amusing, but it wasn’t as good as Nemo. There weren’t many laugh-out-loud scenes (at least, not for me). That being said, if I had seens Shark’s Tale before Nemo, perhaps I would have liked Shark’s Tale more. [shrug] I give it “sympathy.”
  • It’s spring. That means it’s time for the dreaded… lawn care. Had to go put fertilizer and crabgrass killer on my lawn this weekend. Soon I’ll have to start mowing. [shrudder]


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