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Fruit loops are a food group

In my weekend errands, I had to upgrade some software on all the computers at my church. This entailed physically logging into each machine, doing some work, waiting for it to complete, and then moving on to the next machine. While sitting at our pastor’s workstation, I saw that he had a candy jar on his desk.

Mmm… candy…

But — stealing from a priest? Isn’t there some designated ring of hell for this?

I couldn’t resist — there were Tootsie Rolls in there, and I have a special weakness for Tootsie Rolls. So I ate 4-5 of Fr. Bill’s Tootsie Rolls. And they were good!

As I was driving away from the church to continue on with my other errands, I passed Fr. Bill’s house and saw him trimming his lawn. Overcome with guilt, I pulled over and waved at him.

“Hi Jeff!” he said.

“Hey Fr. Bill. I was just over at the Church upgrading some computer stuff. But I have to make a confession to make,” I said, trying to evoke his priestly “It’s ok, son” persona. “I stole several Tootsie Rolls off your desk while I was upgrading your workstation.”

He looked at me with an exceptionally blank expression.

“I’ll probably say a few Hail Marys later as pennance,” I offered.

There was an awkward, pregnant pause as he continued to look at me with a singular blankness, much like the result you get if you try to order 2 tonnes of reinforced concrete mix for delivery to a construction site at a McDonald’s drive through.

“Really?” he asked incredulously.

We both burst out laughing.

So I guess I’m not going to hell (at least not for stealing Tootsie Rolls from a priest).

The munchkins had their 9 month checkup the other day. The peditrician suggested giving them multivitamins — either crushed up Flintsones or drops. Needless to say, I opted for the drops. Who wants to crush up pills? That just seems like too much work. After all, the drops package advertises “Berry flavor!” — so it must be good.

Well, it’s apparently icky-berry, because the girls hate it. They faces that they make when we put it in their mouths is similar to the faces you make the first time you see the ABC Sports Agony of Defeat clips. Classic stuff.

Speaking of bad eating experiences, the peditrician also suggested hard-boiled egg yolks — lots of vitamins and other good stuff. So we tried that today, too.

Kaitlyn and Kathryn both got new spitting distance records.

Yah, it didn’t go so well.

Crushed-up Flintsones it is…


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We’ve found that a little chocolate milk makes the medicine go down pretty well. It masks the taste of Tylenol and Robitussin pretty well. It also gives us an excuse to reserve chocolate milk for when Andrew’s feeling sick.

We haven’t had to try that with vitamins, and I can see where maybe you don’t want to make chocolate milk a part of the daily routine, but feel free to get creative!

I don’t think that Andrew will tolerate a hard-boiled yolk in the same room, let alone touch it to his lips.

We had the vitamin suggestion as well. Meghan would not touch it after the first time. That stuff just smells awful and I am sure tastes just as bad. Lucky for us she got her teeth rather quickly and was able to do the chewables. Time to buy a mortar and pestle huh….

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