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Kaitlyn strikes again

Tracy and I went out to dinner last night for Mother’s Day, and had our nanny come in to babysit. She brought her fiance, some dinner, and a DVD to watch (the munchkins go down kinda early, and then they can settle down to watch the movie).

When Tracy and I came back from dinner, Ryan (the fiance) was wearing a pair of my sweat pants.

“Uh oh,” I thought. “This can’t be good.”

It turns out that Kaitlyn, a.k.a. Vomitous Maximus, had struck again. Shortly after finishing her dinner, she pulled her famous zero-warning-turn-your-head-and-barf maneuver, totally drenching him, the sheer volume of which necessitated washing his pants. Specifically, there are “accpetable” and “unacceptable” levels of baby vomit on clothing. “Acceptable” usually means that you can just wipe it off and go on. “Unaccpetable” means … well, a bit more than that.

Kaitlyn is famous for pegging the vomit-o-meter well into the red zone (i.e., the “unacceptable” zone), artificially inflating our water bill due to all the additional laundry.

Well, at least Ryan now has a better understanding of Bethany’s day job. ☺


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