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"world wide web in the air"

Too funny not to share — from Katie S.:

I was at a hotel last night in St. Peters, Missouri - the reason I picked the hotel was because it was new and mentioned free wireless internet on the hotel website. When we got to the hotel, my laptop was not picking up any networks. So I went to the front desk and asked what the SSID was. The guy behind the desk tried to explain to me that the “world wide web is in the air,” thus I did not need any “IDs.” I then explained to him that my computer did not see any “world wide web in the air.” Finally, the manager’s son came in and told me the SSID was DSL. This sounded fishy…after grilling the two guys a little more I found out there was no “world wide web in the air” - it was all in “plastic holes in my room.” Ahhhh… after I had them give me an RJ-45 from one of their computers (I don’t carry these anymore…but I should), I was finally able to access the web from the plastic hole. Woohoo for technology on the road!


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