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Boot to the head

I had a partial entry from about 2 weeks ago that I went back to finish tonight (my blog software lets you start an entry and complete it at a later point), but I couldn’t find it. Doh! Somehow it got lost in the bit bucket. So we’ll never know what happened during that time span…

But in the process, I found a partial log entry from January 2003! Yes, that’s right — 2003. So I completed that one.

Brian B. and I went to the Apple World Wide Developers’ Conference conference. I missed the keynote where Steve Jobs announced that Macs are switching to Intel chips in 2006, but got to see lots of other neat stuff anyway.

They had a handful of Intel-based Mac machines for developers there, so Brian and I tried to compile LAM/MPI and Open MPI just for the heckuvit. LAM/MPI compiled and ran right out of the box; Open MPI required a trivial change to one of its assembly routines (the assembler they use is a little stricter than the ones we’ve been using for development, apparently).

Jim A. decided to have his pesky appendix out last night. Well, it was more like his pesky appendix decided that it wanted out out out. Upper management, of course, conceeded to its demands and allowed the appendix to be removed.

All are now doing well.

For the past 3 days, I have been just about completely dehabilitated by the worst cold I have ever had in my life. I never thought that I could be completely laid up by a cold. It was basically quite difficult to breathe which made sleeping pretty much impossible. This escallated into a downward spiral of unpleasantness.

I finally got into the doctor today — praying and hoping for good drugs. Astonishingly, he is quite convinced that it’s allergies. Allergies! Yow!

I’ve always had some kind of hay fever (never bothered to figure out exactly what it was I was allergic to), but I’ve never had an allergic reaction anywhere near this strong. He gave me some good druggies and perscriptions, so we’ll see how they do. I feel somewhat closer to human now (several hours after taking them) than I have in the past few days, so I guess that’s promising.

WOPR (the squyres.com server) was hacked a week ago. Even worse, it was a trivial script-kiddie hack. Unbelievably, it’s a problem that had existed on WOPR for quite some time — all of us are amazed that it wasn’t hacked prior to this. None of us are admitting to putting the problem there; I’m pretty sure it was a covert job by Michael Jackson in celebration (probably in collaboration with his new bestest-buddy OJ Simpson).

The good news is that it looks like it was hacked by a total idiot who had no idea what he was doing, and therefore did no damage to our server. Still, we’re going through extensive restoration procedures anyway (this is what you do when you restore from a hack — because you have no idea what else may be hidden away). But all this takes time and effort (i.e., the better part of a day). Bonk.

Kaitlyn and Kathryn are motoring around now — they have a funny version of crawling. They stick one foot out and pull themselves forward with it, dragging their other leg behind. So they’re not crawling in the traditional sense (using both knees), but rather half-crab-walking. It’s funny to watch.

They’re also to the point where they “sorta” recognize each other as individuals. Every once in a while, they’ll look at each other and laugh, or perhaps they’ll do a call-and-response thing, perhaps while going to sleep (Kaitlyn: gaah… Kathryn: gaah… Kaitlyn: gaah… Kathryn: gaah… for about 20 minutes).

But other times they just see each other as moving obstacles that must be navigated over, under, or around. These are the funniest to watch — they recognize that the other is there and is a moving target, but they also recognize that the shortest path between their current position and where they want to go is through the other one, so they just start moving in that direction (Damn the torpedoes! Ramming speed!). We’ve seen some hilarious takedowns as a result of this.

Amusingly, the takedown-ee does not usually realize that she should be upset about this. Specifically, the takedown-er just plods over/under/through and the takedown-ee ends up with a confused look on her face, “Huh. A second ago, I was in a radically different position. Now I’m on the floor looking at the ceiling. Odd.”

I put up some short, amusing videos of the munchkins: http://jeff.squyres.com/pictures/ Click on the k-n-k album, then 2005, then June.

Are you wondering what “boot to the head” is in reference to? See this. (be sure to listen to the MP3; don’t just read the script)


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