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Hell Dave, if I raised the budget every time the morale got low, the guys in my aespestos factory would be driving solid gold Cadillacs by now


  • 7:41am: FedEx.com reports that my new iMac is “On FedEx vehicle for delivery”. Woo hoo!
  • K-n-K are actively seeking each other out these days. If one crawls out of sight, a few minutes later, you can see the mental processes going on the other: “Hum. I don’t see my C* anywhere. I wonder where she is, what she’s doing, and what toys I can take from her?” She’ll then go actively go look for her sister and take whatever toys she has.
  • My XM MyFi radio is getting flaky. The power jack doesn’t always seem to make a proper connection with the power cord, leading the battery to die unexpectedly in the middle of a lengthy road trip. Arrgh.
  • The XM station BPM (dance/techno) sits on AOL IM to take requests. Cool.
  • A wise quote: “Wynn – yes; Chocolate Volcano - no.”
  • The maxivan told us it needed service the other day. Literally. Rather frightening, actually.
  • MPI attributes can bite me. They’re complicated, subtle, sometimes totally useless (why would you want to pass a pointer value to Fortran?) and have mistakes in the MPI standards. I’m convinced that there the Attributes subcommittee on the MPI Forum wrote most of their text during secret group crack sessions. But let’s be complete, for those of you who want to follow up:
  • We had some ceiling fans installed in two bedrooms recently (now all major rooms on the second floor have ceiling fans). The contractor installing them was checking the joists in the attic when he slipped and fell and sent his foot through the ceiling in the nursery. Doh! He was actually quite horrified and repeatedly apologized to me, promising that he’d make it right. He called a building subcontractor immediately who came right out did an appraisal and said he’d come back on Monday to fix it (the fan contractor is paying for the whole thing). Hopefully this will end well.
  • If all goes well, I’ll have an OS X Tiger license next week, with which I’ll upgrade my laptop.


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