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The Tooth Fairy has dentures

I helped a friend this weekend who had a disk meltdown on his home PC (let’s not name vendors, but the company’s name rhymes with Pewlett Smackard). Basically, the disk went kaput — a mechanical failure. So we had to get a new disk. Naturally, we called the vendor (the machine is a few years old, and therefore out of warranty). Guess how much they were charging for a new 5400RPM 80GB drive?


Guess how much Best Buy charges for a new 7200RPM 160GB drive? (yes, a drive better in all ways)

$80 (after rebates)

Yeah, that was pretty much a no-brainer. Plus, if we ordered from the vendor, we would have had to wait [at least] 2 business days and send the old disk back. It amazes me that the vendor would charge that much — keep in mind that they were just going to ship the disk to him; he would still have had to install it himself. Hence, installing the Best-Buy-purchased disk was identical to installing an vendor-purchased drive.

We also saw 80GB 5400RPM disks at Best Buy for slightly less than that. Specifically, we saw 80GB 5400RPM disks from the same manufacturer as the vendor disk (read: the same disk) for about 1/3 the price.

That’s truly amazing. And they wonder why they’re losing money in their home computer sales.

I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for several years. They have a “new every 2” program where they give you a bunch of credit towards a new phone every 2 years so that they can keep everyone on new technology (which makes good sense for them).

I was near a Verizon store recently, and I know that my cell phone is over 2 years old. So I stopped in and had a look at the newest phones. After tooling around looking at all the display phones and literature, I came to the conclusion that I really don’t need a new cell phone, even if it’s free. It gets me absoultely nothing (excepting having to re-learn how to do everything, and move my entire phone book over to the new phone). Here’s the features on new phones that I really do not need:

  • internet access (why on earth would you want internet access on a 2”×4” screen?)
  • color screen (ya, that’s handy, but it’s a friggen’ phone ferpetessake)
  • camera (I do not understand the latest craze of cell phone mailing people pictures)
  • the latest text message gadgets (I have enough electronic communication gizmos — mail, IM, and, wait — I’ve got a cell phone where you can call me!)
  • downloadable ring tones (I don’t understand this craze, either — I like phones have that “ringing” like sounds, not lame, off-key renditions of classic symphonies)

Maybe I’m just too cynical. But I guess my old phone is just fine. ☺


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I would like to point out the goodness that is having the Notre Dame Victory march as your ring tone. I think that download is the best purchase I’ve ever made in my life.

Dude, forget the Victory March, they’ve got Down the Line!

I’ve got a call, I’ve got a call, I’ve got a call
I’ve got a call, I’ve got a call, I’ve got a call
I’ve got a call, I’ve got a call, I’ve got a call
I’ve got a call, I’ve got a call, I’ve got a call
I’ve got a call, I’ve got a call, I’ve got a call

Ah, memories.


PS the Afro-Cuban version of the Simpsons theme also rokks.

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