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Don't forget the silent "Q" in conjunctivitis

I said to Tracy tonight: “I had 3 ninety-minute teleconferences today and I was the lead speaker for all of them.”

She said, “Oh. So that’s why you look like that.”

Ain’t married life grand?

Some quickies:

  • We got a new server for squyres.com (aka WOPR II, Woptimus Prime, Womprat, Woprific, Our Way, Womptimal, etc.). It’s specifically to be used for a new, full, clean re-load of the OS and applications, but once it is in place, we’ll be using the original WOPR (aka Wopriginal, whompped, woprimtired) as some form of HA backup. It was purchased off Ebay, and through a complicated (and secret) set of transferrals, is now in the hands of Poseidon, the new System Loader God for WOPR.
  • Along these lines, I have resigned my title as Hermes, God of Web Stuff. I am now officially roaming the Elysian fields, or otherwise sitting on the sidelines of the WOPR Gods, sipping my gin-n-tonic, periodically shouting “Good show, old boy!” to the boys still officially running the WOPR show.
  • I got Tracy the 6th Harry Potter book when it was released a week or three ago (for our anniversary). This inspired me to finally start reading the Harry Potter books. They’re really good, but quick to read. In 1.5 weeks, 4 books down, 2 to go (in fairness, I was traveling last week and had significant times on planes and in airports).
  • Last week was our quarterly Open MPI meeting at Los Alamos. Good meeting — got lots done. Woot Open MPI!
  • Saw the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Tracy last weekend. Lots of good action as well as quality marriage humor. Big props to the “Fight Club” t-shirt that appeared in the middle of the movie (still my favorite movie of all time). I give it 15 minutes.
  • Saw Revenge of the Sith (finally) with Tracy the weekend before that. We enjoyed it — I’ll give it 10 minutes. Probably need to see it again to catch all the details.
  • I sent a submission to the Shark Tank a few months ago. It got accepted and was published the other day. To protect the guilty, I won’t say which story it was….
  • I finally got my XM radio back. Woo hoo! Bring me the finest bagels in the land!


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Did you get a shark tank shirt?

I did get a SharkTank t-shirt. It’s cool. :-)

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