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Open MPI. Now featuring more cowbell.

Quickies quickies quickies,
Quickies everywhere!
Quickies quickies quickies,
Quickies in the air!

  • Kaitlyn has more-or-less accidentally stood a few times for a few seconds before executing a controlled sit-down. She’s not quite ready to walk yet.
  • I signed up for Vonage for a “work” phone line at home. Should be interesting to see how this works out. It’ll allow me to save a truckload on my home phone bill because I currently have an “unlimited” long distance place which costs an arm and a leg every month. Vonage will replace that.
  • The new reality TV short “Tommy Lee Goes to College” shows the Motley Crue drummer “attending” the University of Nebraska in the Fall of 2004 (I say “attending” in quotes because he was not enrolled as a student). Tracy’s cousin’s husband, Tony F., is the director of the Nebraska marching band and is apparently in every single episode except the very first one. Go Tony!
  • Kyle’s getting married! She said yes!
  • Rich’s getting married! They managed to get a Basilica date!
  • Michelle had her baby! 3 weeks early, but is well!
  • WOPR2 lives! (the new squyres.com server was initially setup today)
  • The munchkins’ first birthday was the other day. My in-laws and Tracy’s gramma (i.e., the munchkins’ great grandmother) were here. They had a lot of toys before, but now — holy crap, they have a lot of toys.
  • As I left the parking garage in Bloomington the other day, I thought to myself “What is that flapping noise?” 1.5 hours and $160 later, I was driving home on a brand new front-right tire (thanks Acura for using those expensive sport tires!).
  • If you ever doubted that there are good people in the world, my in-laws accidentally left their cell phone at a rest stop in Indiana today. Shortly thereafter, a kindly soul (who was driving on his way to Tennassee for the weekend) had found it and managed to talk to my mother-in-law’s sister and setup a meet to give the phone back. Within hours, my in-laws had their cell phone back.
  • The newest Clive Cussler paperback (“Lost City”) is continuing the downward trend (IMNSHO) of that series. The characters are all stereotyped, there’s no depth (to the characters or the plot), and the story is quite predictable. Clive is writing a lot of books that have a “with so-and-so-” bylines these days — I am guessing that he is doing less and less of the writing, therefore contributing to what I’m perceiving as the downward trend.


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Agree, agree, agree on the Clive Cussler book.. Everything since the original ‘Dirk Pitt’ series has been a sad excuse for trying something new. I’ve had to move on to real books now, but thankfully step-daddy Jon Stewart has enough authors on to keep me busy.

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