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Your car did _what_ by itself?

Some important things have happened over the past 24 hours with the munchkins:

  • Yesterday morning, I was watching K+K playing in our master bathroom. Tracy walked out, walked through our bedroom and opened the bedroom door to go downstairs (we previously had the bedroom door closed to keep them in). A few minutes later, Kathryn wandered out into the bedroom. Within a few seconds, she realized that the door was open. “FREEEDOOOOM!!!” (you could just see it on her face). She immediately did an about face, fast crawled back into the bathroom until she could see her sister, whereupon she yelled “GAH!”, then did another about fast and made a beeline for the open door. Kaitlyn dropped what she was playing with and immediately followed her sister out the door, into freedom. This just marks the first time that I have seen one of them actively seek out the other in order to do something — i.e., she wanted to have a shared experience with her sister. It was a first recognition of the other as another person (vs. “the thing that I need to get that toy away from” or “the thing that I need to crawl around). Quite fascinating.
  • Kathryn signed “more” to get more cheerios last night. Woo hoo!
  • Kaitlyn apparently signed “more” today as well. Woo hoo hoo!


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