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A bowl full of mush

Random quickies:

  • ClusterMonkey has been launched. We’re still working on more content (current effort is concentrated on converting all the old ClusterWorld magazine content), but we’re getting there. W00t!
  • ND won at football against Pitt last week. Who was that team? They looked really good! Today will be a tough game, too — Michigan. We’ll see what happens (Renzo has opinions, as does Freakazoid).
  • Kathryn likes putting things in other things.
  • Kaitlyn likes opening and closing doors.
  • Submitted bugs to both Automake and Subversion this week. Yay open source.
  • Open MPI is coming along swimmingly. We’re zeroing in on our first release (but man, shared memory collective operations are complicated!).
  • Next Friday is squyres.com’s 6th birthday
  • The new squyres.com server (marvin) is online, but isn’t serving up the domains yet (the guys are working on moving everything over from wopr)
  • The “s” key on my keyboard is slowly dying (sometimes a character does not come out when I hit the “s” key).


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