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More complaints about desktop Linux...

  • None of my USB jump drives are recognized or mounted.
  • Evolution is truly evil. I gave up using it; it kept failing and/or dying in strange and mysterious ways (e.g., restarting the app made everything work, but I should not have to restart the app to get new mail).
  • Thunderbird’s threading view is equally mysterious; why does it not show threads when “All” threads are selected? If you select any of the other threaded options, it doesn’t show you all the mail in your INBOX. Even more confusing, if you switch to another folder and then back to your inbox, even more mail disappears from the index.
  • Despite editing a text file and telling Thunderbird to disable the sending progress window, the compose window still remains visible (and in focus) when you “send” a message. You have to either wait for it to disappear or manually switch the focus back to the main window. Quite annoying.
  • I ran “yum install kmail” twice and got different results (!). Specifically, I ran it once, and it apparently updated a bunch of internal tables (“Added 79 new packages, deleted 40 old…” — the fact that there are 79 new package in the last 6 days is somewhat frightening; all I want is stability, not bleeding edge!). It didn’t find the package I wanted, so I tried “yum install KMail”. yum then failed on the first mirror (it got an http 404!), so it moved on to another mirror. But then it said “Added 5 new packages, deleted 56 old…” This says to me that these mirrors are not in sync (and it frightens me — what just happened to all my internal yum tables?). But that’s not my problem — I can’t imagine any other command that I would expect to run twice in a row and get different results.
  • Thunderbird does not scroll the index when new messages arrive (especially if you have the newest messages at the bottom).
  • If you have the newest messages at the top, if you delete a message, Thunderbird goes to the next message down in your index. For example, say you’re on message X. The next message is Y. Then message Z arrives. If you delete X, you’d expect it to go to the next message (Z), but instead it goes to Y. So you have to do 2 actions to get to Z (delete X and then select Z). Quite annoying.


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