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Paperclips are not tasty


  • I finally finished converting all my old MPI Mechanic columns (from the now-defunct Cluster World magazine) to be MPI Monkey columns at the new incarnation of our parallel/cluster-related knowledge repository — Cluster Monkey. As opposed to the Cluster World magazine, this is a free web site — anyone can read the material without signing up or paying a fee.
  • John S. and I went to the Notre Dame/BYU game last weekend up in South Bend. It was a weird game, but we smote them in the end — 49-23. Great fun was had by all.
  • We saw Lynne, Lorenzo, and Alex M. Aside from Alex sleeping through dinner Friday night (right at the table), all are doing quite well.
  • We tailgated at the siblings’ P. (Chris and Karen); they’re just as fun as ever and doing well.
  • Unexpectedly saw Stephanie R., who is still working in the ND Athletic Department and still lovin’ it. Here’s to working at your dream job!
  • My parents also showed up at the game (neither of us realized that we would both be there).
  • Finally, also saw V and Marty P. in the bookstore. Didn’t get to their their munchkin, but they are doing quite well with the whole parenthood thang.
  • ND just extended Charlie Weis’ football coaching contract until 2015. Wow.
  • We took the munchkins to a GE picnic thing yesterday and had them wear their pumpkin outfits. There’s nothing to draw a crowd like twin toddlers in pumpkin suits.
  • Got tickets to see Drew Carey and the Improv All-Stars on 20 Nov. That should be a hoot and a half.
  • Rich M. got married at ND yesterday. We couldn’t attend, but sent a Spiderman beach towel as a wedding gift (everyone needs a Spiderman beach towel).
  • We have far too much Halloween candy down on the kitchen table. Very, very dangerous…


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