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Munchkins: Featuring More Flavor Crystals

More quickies:

  • Kaitlyn’s hair parts to the left
  • Kathryn’s hair parts to the right
  • Kaitlyn shows happiness by bouncing up and down on her butt
  • Kathryn shows happiness by flapping her arms like a bird
  • Kaitlyn gives hugs by laying her head on your shoulder
  • Kathryn gives hugs by wrapping her arms around your neck
  • Kaitlyn likes to give extended monologues
  • Kathryn likes to sing
  • Kaitlyn wants to walk down stairs
  • Kathryn wants to crawl down stairs
  • Kaitlyn flaps her hands around when she doesn’t want any more milk
  • Kathryn pushes the bottle away and says “No!” when she doesn’t want any more milk


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