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January 4, 2006


Time has passed.

  • The Paynes were all here for Christmas, including great-gramma.
  • I got motivated over the holiday to consolidate all my MP3’s on the iMac; Tracy and I now share one big iTunes repository. Since CDDB is much more accurate than it was when I initially ripped most of my CDs (about 10 years ago!), I re-ripped many of Tracy’s and my CDs and did a bunch of other ID tag cleanups, including adding album art whenever I can find it.
  • As such, today is a themed music day — I’m listening to movie soundtracks all day. W00t! Ahh… the LSC / OSL theme song (from the Batman soundtrack)…
  • It’s disappointing that iTunes does not load album artwork from remote iTunes servers. ☹
  • Through Christmas presents, I finally have my Tivo hooked up on my LAN (and therefore the internet). Since I have one of the initial Tivo series 2’s (I bought it back in early 2002), it does not directly support wireless. So I had to get a USB ethernet adapter and plug this into a wireless bridge. Wallah — works like a champ.
  • I found a quite cool iTunes exporter to Tivo — Audio Faucet. If you’ve got a Tivo on your net and use iTuned, I recommend it.
  • We finally released a version of Portable Linux Processor Affinity to the community for review (v0.9a2). We hope to get some good feedback so that we can have a reasonable v1.0. PLPA is an attempt to solve the issues of Linux having multiple different prototypes for sched_setaffinity() and sched_getaffinity() — which one you have is a function of your Linux kernel version, GLibc version, and distro/vendor.
  • We are still working on the MPI Testing Tool (MTT) — more details on that shortly…
  • Phone company calling plans are inherently complicated. I had a Bell South rep come to my door yesterday for a “face-to-face checkup” to see if we were happy with the service, etc. (we’re not — it’s too expensive). She pointed out a bunch of discounts that I could get. I didn’t sign up for anything on the spot — I went to the web site and looked up all the relevant details. Of course, each of the discounts has its own tradeoffs, the majority of which are unsuitable for me. Sigh.
  • We experienced a few problems with the recent squyres.com moving to a new server and new IP address. They caused some minor annoynces over the holidays, but are mostly sorted out now.
  • Queeg (my desktop linux machine at home) was upgraded to RHEL4U2 (from MDK 9.2). The upgrade of all the included software fixed some things, like the long-standing problem that my Mac’s would not print landscape documents properly to the HP LaserJet 1100 exported via CUPS.

January 6, 2006

More quickies

  • Did everyone enjoy the leap second? (1 Jan 2006, 6pm Eastern) Got any idea how much software had to be written to handle that event?
  • Last night, I found a door bracket in my house that still had a protective plastic coating on it. That sucker had survived there for 6 years. Wow. Naturally, I peeled it off.
  • K-n-K are learning about sharing. Sometimes the learning sessions are quite loud.
  • Kaitlyn says “monkey,” “snickerdoodle”, and “daddy.”
  • Kathryn says “stuck,” “wow,” and “daddy.”
  • Kathryn eats cheerios, chex, and macaroni a fistful at a time (seriously — it’s hilarious to watch the kid shove an entire fistful of food into her mouth).
  • Kaitlyn eats cheerios, chex, and macaroni one at a time.
  • The munchkins say “bong bong bong” and rock back and forth every time the grandfather clock chimes.
  • Speaking of the grandfather clock, my father in law adjusted it to keep time more accurately over the holidays. There’s a nut at the bottom of the pendelum that you can turn left or right to lower or raise the pendulum (which correspondingly lengthens or shortens the swing duration). He moved the pendulum 0.004” up — yes, that’s four thousandths of an inch — and it now keeps better time (I’m estimating that I’ll only need to adjust it every few months instead of every other week or so).
  • I took down all the Christmas lights today. It’s only the first full weekend in the year and we were the absolute last person in visible distance with lights still up.

January 10, 2006

Yet more quickies

This has been sitting in my blog queue for quite a while. It’s a short entry because I think I intended to write more bullets. Oh well. Time to let it go!

  • Our camera broke over the holidays and has been sent in for repair. So no more pictures on http://jeff.squyres.com/ for a while, unfortunately.
  • Random thought: the coming HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray format war is a horrible, horrible idea. And the industry knows it. But they’re going ahead with it anyway. As they become available in 2006, I encourage all consumers NOT to buy either of them.
  • Tracy has a Creative Nomad MP3 walkman/player (from before iPods were insanely popular). It’s served her quite well over the years, but it has been a thorn in my side because Creative only has Windows-based software to talk to the device. It’s among the last reasons we still have an old x86 clunker sitting next to the iMac. A few weeks ago, I found the XNJB project — explicitly for having OSX software to talk to Creative MP3 players. W00t! I submitted a few bug reports, and the author actually fixed them. Yay open source!

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