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More quickies

  • Did everyone enjoy the leap second? (1 Jan 2006, 6pm Eastern) Got any idea how much software had to be written to handle that event?
  • Last night, I found a door bracket in my house that still had a protective plastic coating on it. That sucker had survived there for 6 years. Wow. Naturally, I peeled it off.
  • K-n-K are learning about sharing. Sometimes the learning sessions are quite loud.
  • Kaitlyn says “monkey,” “snickerdoodle”, and “daddy.”
  • Kathryn says “stuck,” “wow,” and “daddy.”
  • Kathryn eats cheerios, chex, and macaroni a fistful at a time (seriously — it’s hilarious to watch the kid shove an entire fistful of food into her mouth).
  • Kaitlyn eats cheerios, chex, and macaroni one at a time.
  • The munchkins say “bong bong bong” and rock back and forth every time the grandfather clock chimes.
  • Speaking of the grandfather clock, my father in law adjusted it to keep time more accurately over the holidays. There’s a nut at the bottom of the pendelum that you can turn left or right to lower or raise the pendulum (which correspondingly lengthens or shortens the swing duration). He moved the pendulum 0.004” up — yes, that’s four thousandths of an inch — and it now keeps better time (I’m estimating that I’ll only need to adjust it every few months instead of every other week or so).
  • I took down all the Christmas lights today. It’s only the first full weekend in the year and we were the absolute last person in visible distance with lights still up.


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