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Yet more quickies

This has been sitting in my blog queue for quite a while. It’s a short entry because I think I intended to write more bullets. Oh well. Time to let it go!

  • Our camera broke over the holidays and has been sent in for repair. So no more pictures on http://jeff.squyres.com/ for a while, unfortunately.
  • Random thought: the coming HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray format war is a horrible, horrible idea. And the industry knows it. But they’re going ahead with it anyway. As they become available in 2006, I encourage all consumers NOT to buy either of them.
  • Tracy has a Creative Nomad MP3 walkman/player (from before iPods were insanely popular). It’s served her quite well over the years, but it has been a thorn in my side because Creative only has Windows-based software to talk to the device. It’s among the last reasons we still have an old x86 clunker sitting next to the iMac. A few weeks ago, I found the XNJB project — explicitly for having OSX software to talk to Creative MP3 players. W00t! I submitted a few bug reports, and the author actually fixed them. Yay open source!


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