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Feb quickies

It seems that all my journal entries recently are quickies. It doesn’t bother me; does it bother you?

  • Renzo’s blog is innundated with comment spam.
  • A friend of mine working at a Big Company is part of their recruiting team. He took an in-house course in how to be a recruiter to learn all the rules, etc. The following rules boggle my mind — what has our society come to?
    • You can’t ask a recruit how their drive in was — for fear of offending them if they can’t/don’t drive.
    • You can’t ask a recruit how long their drive in was, not only for the reason above, but also because if it’s a “long” drive and you end up not hiring them, they have grounds to sue (discrimination — favoring those with shorter drives to those with longer drives [and presumably less availability])
  • The munchkins play an interesting game when going to bed at night — it’s called Whack-A-Mole. You lay the first one down in her crib and go to lay the other one down in her crib. The first one then stands up in her crib. When you walk over to put her back down, the first one [literally] dives and lays back down again. The second one then stands up. So you walk over to the second one. And so on. Bethany and I ususally give up at one round (or less), but they usually goad Tracy into playing several rounds before staying down.
  • Since I telecommute, the munchkins are used to having me around the house, but not necessarily in sight. Sometimes they’ll hear me and say “Daddy!”. Bethany/Tracy will say something like “Yes, that was Daddy walking upstairs” / “Yes, that was Daddy talking on the phone” / “Yes, that was Daddy closing a door.” The word “Daddy” has therefore now come to mean “any unexplained / non-visually-attributable noise.”
    Kathryn heard a plane going by the other day — “Daddy!”
  • Per my prior entry, we broke our digital camera at Christmas; we’re still waiting for it to come back. In the meantime, I put up 2 short munchkin videos:
    • Horsey (thanks Gramms and Grandad for the horsey)
    • Sunglasses (thanks to the munchkins’ favorite Great Aunt Mary for the rose-colored sunglasses!)
  • We had a quarterly Open MPI meeting at the University of Houston 2 weeks ago. It was good to see everyone again; much progress was made. We planned out a roadmap to v1.1 and squashed a bunch of bugs. Josh was so excited about the meeting that he got there a day early.
  • This previous week was the OpenIB workshop in Sonoma. We gave a good presentation about Open MPI’s progress in the OpenIB realm and were joined with Cisco to announce an Open MPI developer’s workshop at Cisco’s facilities in April (details will soon be on the Open MPI web site).
  • While I was in the Bay Area, I got to see D&D again for two dinners. It’s always great to see them (and their spazzy dog ☺). Darrell’s doing always-fascinating things at Yahoo!; Dian is pursuing her love of birds and animals by working in a veterinary office.


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