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A Tale of Two Telephones

I’ve been using Vonage as a second (business) phone at home for several months now. On the whole, it’s been great — Vonage was a cheap way to add a second line (much cheaper than any of the traditional 2nd phone line routes), I had a local phone number in the city of my employer, unlimited long distance calling, etc.

The feature that I love the best, however, (and I think I’ve mentioned it here on my journal before) is their SimulRing™ thingy: you can input several different phone numbers on the Vonage web site and when someone calls your Vonage number, all the phone numbers you input will ring simultaneously. Whichever number answers the call first gets it. This is extremely handy for me. I have my cell phone in the SimulRing list, so if anyone calls my “work” phone number, it rings both on my desk and my cell phone. Since I travel a fair amount, this means that I only have to give one phone number and it’ll reach me wherever I am.

To make this all work, I have a Vonage ethernet router that my phone plugs into. Unfortunately, last Monday, it stopped working. That is: pick up the phone and get no dial tone. The internet side of the router was working just fine — I could see web pages, do e-mail, etc. — but the phone side was [seemingly] kaput. There’s a little light on the front of the router indicating that the phone is correctly configured, and it stubbornly refused to be lit. I reset the router a few times with no luck. Bonk.

So I called Vonage tech support. We went through a whole bunch of steps and the tech finally concluded that my router was dead and they would need to send me a new one. The only catch was that I had to pay $100 (plus shipping) for the new router. Yow! Since my employer pays for my Vonage line, I told them not to send it — I had to get various approvals before this could happen.

Last week was absolutely crazy, and I never got around to getting the approvals. Which turned out to be a Good Thing because yesterday (Sunday), I randomly looked at my Vonage router and whoa! The phone light was lit. I picked up my phone and lo and behold, there was a dial tone. I did absolutely nothing to fix this — I don’t know how it started working again. I’m quite sure that it was not working in the latter half of last week (e.g,. I would pick up the phone and still get no dial tone). It’s still working today, too. I guess that I appeased the VOIP Gods somehow.



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