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I'm unemployed!

…for the next 1.5 days. :-)

My time at Indiana University has come to a close; so sad. It was a great place to work. Ok, I already covered this part in a previous journal entry.

My [ex-]boss threw a going away party for me last night at the lavish IU Alumni Center. Just about everyone in the lab was able to attend; the food was great, Andy’s son’s jazz band played (and they were really good!), and everyone said nice things about me (at least when they were within earshot). Tracy and the munchkins drove up from Louisville to attend. The munchkins were up waaaay past their bedtimes, but did really well with the music (they kept signing “more” whenever the music stopped), all the unfamiliar people, and the late hour.

Andy gave a nice speech and gave me some lovely parting gifts:

  • A truly hilarious Open MPI cowbell — references to the long-standing lab jokes about the famous Saturday Night Live skit and the Dirty Gringos “More Cowbell” song taken from the same skit
  • An iPod Nano — completely unexpected and totally cool
  • A PTL clock — probably pretty much standard fare, but it’s actually a pretty nice desk clock

I fumbled my way through a “thank you” speech; it didn’t come out nearly as eloquent as I had hoped. I did get to talk to most everyone, which was cool (while chasing the munchkins around, of course).

All in all, it was pretty great. Many thanks, IU!


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