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What do you mean we can't cook the ice cream?

Random quickies:

  • Kathryn learns new words every day. She loves to babble after we put her down to sleep at night for about an hour. Just, you know, talking about the events of the day.
  • Kaitlyn grows more fearless every day. She loves to make her mother jump and yell “wait!”.
  • John S. just left his job at Bloomberg and is starting a shiny new job at RCI on Monday. Woot! (he’s very excited — the “Woot!” is vicarious). So John and I will be starting new jobs on the same day.
  • John T. is coming down for an event at the Corvette museum in KY on Thunder over Louisville weekend and will be stopping by Chez Squyres on his way home. Woot!
  • The munckins have discovered the slide in our subdivision’s park and have fallen in love. They will endlessly cycle laboriously crawling up the ladder and zipping down the slide.
  • Kathryn now says “Kate!” when she sees Kaitlyn.
  • I found out that I’ll have a Windows laptop at Cisco. Bummer.
  • I returned all my IU equipment today, including my faithful Powerbook. So sad. I’ve been using my iMac at home for the time being; it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that I’ll buy a Mac Book Pro in the not-distant future…
  • The munchkins love dogs. Tracy’s doomed. ‘Nuff said.


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