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Donald Faultenroy Duck

Travel has consumed quite a bit of time recently, and I haven’t journaled in a while. Here’s an overview of what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks:

  • Spent time working with world leaders on the ambitious World Peace Plan. We’re close to resolution; we should have this problem solved within the next 2-3 weeks.
  • Did a bunch of research into the common cold and finally found the answer. We’re working on the legal paperwork to get this released into the public domain without any patents.
  • Negotiated with all the major news agencies to actually have them start reporting the news, not just subjects that grab attention, create fear, or provide [bad] entertainment.
  • Microsoft, Apple, and all the popular Linux distributions have agreed to an immediate feature freeze and to focus on fixing all existing bugs (vs. adding features that we don’t need).
  • Privided critical information for breakthroughs in the efficiency for solar, wind, and wave/thermal power. Cheap, virtually unlimited, clean power will shortly be available to the masses.
  • As a side effect, we discovered how to make incredibly hard, extremely form-able surfaces (such as buildings, roads, vehicles) without any oil. Molecular bonding — it’s the way to go. Should have units ready for production within 6-9 months.

So it’s been a busy few weeks. Forgive my lack of journal entries.


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