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Munchkin update

The munchkins are getting bigger and more expensive every day.

They’re eating with spoons these days (feeding themselves nearly everything — yay!). They’re talking quite a bit (except, of course, when other people are around — so it’s quite hard to prove). They repeat everything even if they don’t know what it means. That being said, they love to point at things and say [what they think] is the right word for it. The vocabulary is growing (several dozen words; more being added each day).

They haven’t gotten all their sounds right yet, so some words are quite amusing. “Strawberry” sounds nothing like “straw” or “berry”. They can’t quite say the “L” sound yet, so when we walked by a big clock in the Kroger supermarket the other day and Kaitlyn started yelling [her version of] “Clock! Clock! Clock!”, it got quite a few stares. Daddy had to slink away from the unfortunate scene, which is hard to do when you are pushing a massive a racing-car shopping cart that contains the instigator of the unfortunate scene (you should have seen the looks of horror on the faces of the Girl Scouts [and their mothers] selling cookies at the entrace of Kroger. Haunting).

The munchkins are running everywhere. There used to be “normal speed” and “oh, I want that now” speed, which was just slightly faster than normal speed. But now there is definitely running speed (which leads to more spectacular wipeouts, I might add). They’re also spinning in place a bunch (which, for the audience, simply leads to variations on spectacular wipeouts).

Kathryn has not been sleeping well lately — she keeps waking up in the middle of the night. We’re not entirely sure where this behavior came from. None of us are getting much sleep as a result.

Bethany has been taking them out quite a bit recently; she’s started bundling them up in the car and taking little trips (in addition to walking around the neighborhood). They go to the library, the mall (to see the piano-playing lady), parks, etc. They’ve been having a great time.

So for the most part, we’re working on sleeping and “L” sounds.


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