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A bitter ray of sunshine

Travel has consumed quite a bit of time recently, and I haven’t journaled in a while. Here’s an overview of what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks:

  • We releasesd OMPI v1.0.2.
  • We branched for OMPI v1.1.
  • Grammy and Grandpa were here in Louisville; they got to see the munchkinds and did lots of house work (many thanks!).
  • I took a trip to LANL for various insundry OMPI things.
  • Since I’m doing a bunch of travel, I have invested in a good pair of headphones. By “good”, I mean ones that block out background noise. I didn’t opt for the Bose noice-cancelling headphones — they seemed like they cost a lot of money for only reducing white noise (not overall noise). Instead, I got Shure headphones that are basically like speakers embedded in ear plots. That is, they block out all external noise. So you can even wear them without having any electronic music source, and things are just much… quieter. Additionally, if you actually use them as headphones, since so much background noise is blocked out, you can have the volume set at a much lower level and still hear everything just fine.
  • On my LANL trip, I forgot my XM radio. Yoinks. That’s a long drive from ABQ to LA with horrid southwest radio stations in between (when you can get them).
  • I also forgot my current Netflix movie. Yoinks.
  • I got to see Kevin and Erin B., which was way cool.
  • I took a trip to SJ, but this entry is so darn old, I don’t remember what the heck I did when I was there.
  • While I was there, I saw D&D K, which was also very cool. I’ve never seen a dog on mood stabilizers before. But without them, he’s Mr. Spazzoid!
  • Had a blast from the past with a high school friend (John T) visit. He only stopped by for a few hours on his way driving home from Somewhere Damn South back to Philadelphia; he had dinner and drinks with us before returning to his hotel. It was great to see him and reminisce (sp?) about the Glory Days.
  • Best line from the “Thunder Over Louisville” fireworks soundtrack (which was all country music this year): “Slap your gramma.” No, I’m not kidding.
  • The hands-free device for my cell phone died very suddenly. I got a replacement from Best Buy (one that had a little auto-rewinder device for the cord), but it was a total POS. So I just started using the hands-free device that came with my Treo.
  • Per usual, when I travel, lots of problems at Epiphany. E-mail problems mostly, but McAfee virus scanning problems as well. Sigh.
  • We are moving my church to 1&1 mail hosting with Exchange / Outlook 2003 for a variety of reasons:
    • 24/7 support (vs. calling me)
    • Much much better spam protection
    • Exchange groupware functionality (shared calendars, etc.)
  • My DirectTV box got fried — twice! (once while I was in SJ, once afterwards). We had to buy a new DTV box since we didn’t get the service package and we got the original one sooo long ago. Bonk. We got the second replacement free, but it was still a bummer. I think my Tivo doesn’t talk to it 100% completely correct; there’s a bunch of functionality availabile on it until the first time the Tivo sends it a command (e.g., change the channel). Then all that functionality goes away, to be replaced with blank menus (i.e., like the menus are not coming up correctly). Oh well. We don’t use any of the functionality on the DTV box itself anyway; all of our interaction goes through Tivo.


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