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May 19, 2006

On randomness and wood screws

My local army unit alumni association had a “pack up care packages for deployed soldiers” meeting last night. The unit (a division — a very high-level organization) has over 300 reserve soldiers deployed in the middle east.

I unforutnately had to miss it due to a prior engagement. ☹ But it makes me remember that the last time the association had one of these meetings, I heard a story that shows that the American spirit of giving is alive and well. The day before the meeting, COL J. (retired) was buying supplies — magazines, candy, razors, beef jerky, soap, and various other knick knacks that we all take for granted as part of our daily lives at a local Target. The clerk looked at him oddly and said, “What on earth are you buying all this stuff for?”

COL J. explained that it was all going into care packages being sent to soldiers deployed in the middle east. The clerk immediately fished out his wallet and gave COL J. a $20 bill. “Here,” he said. “Go get some more stuff.”

Regardless of your political/moral philosophy, please remember the service members who are away from their families trying to make the world a safer place. Although the news media typically only reports when bad things happen (and there have obviously been some spectacular failures), there is an amazing amount of good being done over there. These men and women are doing their absolute best to improve the living conditions and daily lives of others.

For example, a college friend of mine has a husband who recently returned from a year-long deployment in Iraq. He’s an officer in the US Army, and is an eye doctor. He administered free health care by proscribing and distributing thousands of pairs of glasses to Iraqi citizens — men, women, and children. Indeed, some of his female patients were fully cloaked in their traditional garb with only their eyes showing. Imagine being an eye doctor and not being able to touch or even directly speak to your patient.

This is but one story of many. Please remember these men and women, and the people that they’re trying to help.

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