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September 30, 2006

It's a big building with patients, but that's not important right now.

Much has happened since my last entry. Here’s the executive summary, in no particular order.

  • I went to the Euro PVM/MPI conference in Bonn, Germany. Kudos to the organizers — it was superbly organized. Everyone I saw wanted to know how Cisco was treating me (Cisco is treating me quite well, thank you very much :-) ). There were some good papers, and some not-so-good papers (the most notable of which was a paper claiming a “new” MPI collective optimization that had really been done in LA-MPI 3-4 years ago).
  • At the Euro PVM/MPI conference, we officially [re-]started the MPI 2.1 process. As Rusty L. said, “It’s dirty, grubby work. Be sure that you want to be involved.” Specifically, this is clarifying and fixing bugs in the spec — not adding anything new. It’ll be rough, but it’ll be worth it when we’re done.
  • Kaitlyn and Kathryn have recently started addressing each other by first name. “Kaitlyn, where are you?” “Kathryn, have Lammy; he’ll make you feel better.” They’ve been aware of each other for a long time, and actively talked to each other for quite a while as well. But addressing each other by first name is relatively new.
  • All in all, it’s been fascinating to watch Kaitlyn and Kathryn learn to speak. In addition to picking up vocabulary and remembering more and more (and then talking about it later), it’s been tremendously interesting to watch them learn parts of speech. Each part of speech has been acquired more or less distinctly from others — adjectives, prepositions, definite and indefinite articles, adverbs, …etc. Each one has emerged more or less randomly; they’ll just up and start using a new part of speech one day that they weren’t using the day before.
  • I have hired Open MPI team member #2 at Cisco (the first being me): Bill D. We’re now kickin’ and ready to take over the world.
  • Most Cisco employees have a desktop as their primary computer. I gave Bill the option of what he wanted, and he opted for a MacBook (just like me). Ted W. told me, “Oh crap. There used to be just one of you. And that was barely tolerable. But now there’s two — it’s a revolution!”
  • I am now actively working in 3 dialects of wiki — it’s horribly confusing because they’re similar but different. Open MPI’s Trac, this blog, and the internal Cisco Mac wiki.
  • I’ve begun running MS Windows in Parallels on my Macbook expressly so that I can run Outlook in order to make up for some of Entourage’s definiencies (e.g., proper server-side task support, more reliable enterprise calendar support, etc.).
  • We had a fun Open MPI developer’s meeting in Stuttgart after Euro PVM/MPI. Among other things I helped Rainer K. bang out a patch for OFED / OpenIB’s verbs library that eliminates false positives from Valgrind for memory that came from the kernel that Valgrind doesn’t know is initialized. We’re still working on the patch, but it looks good for getting it into a future version of OpenIB.
  • Though a complicated sequence of unexepcted events, I went to the ND / Penn State game at Notre Dame Stadium a few weeks ago. I sat with a buddy of my brother in law, and we happened to sit next to a pair of Penn State fans (poor guys, they were in the middle of an ocean of ND fans). They were actually pretty nice guys, and we all had a good time throughout the game (even though Penn State got pounded). The Penn State guys were incredulous that everyone had been so nice to them over the entire weekend. Well, that’s Notre Dame for ya.
  • But then a week later, Notre Dame got pounded by Michigan. Ouch.
  • Then, a week later, ND pulls out an amazing come from behind win against Michigan State. But my dad violated The Tivo Rule — he told me how the game ended before I saw the game. Doh!

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