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October 1, 2006

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit smoking

Too funny. I omitted a few e-mail addresses for privacy reasons, even the return address of the person who wrote this, even though they probably don’t deserve the protection:

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Date: October 1, 2006 2:43:35 PM EDT
To: <omitted>
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Reply-To: <omitted>
I am interested in purchasing your domain name, lam-mpi.org. I am only 
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Thank You,

October 28, 2006

I have angered the Travel Gods

Apparently, the Travel Gods are displeased with me.

I was taking a week-long business trip (SDF -> SJC -> OAK -> ABQ -> OAK -> SJC -> SDF). That is, Louisville to San Jose, then a day trip to Albequeueurueque, then back to San Hoser, and finally home to Looieville. No big deal, right? It should have been.

I got to SDF at 6am for a 7:15am flight (no problem — I’ve done this several times before). However, there was a huge line to pass through security in the Louisville airport. Huge. I’m talking Christmas-at-O’Hare huge. Such a line has never been seen in the Louisville airport before (I know because I asked a bunch of the airport employees — they all said, “I dunno! I’ve never seen the line this long before!”

For those of you who have been in SDF before, the line started at security, wound through the Burget King and the Bourbon store (KY state law says that every airport has to have a Bourbon store), down and back one of the side wings, all the way back out to the airline ticketing, and then all the way down and back one of the ticketing wings. We’re talking easily several thousand people.

And it’s not that scurity was being slow, or there was some special alert causing a snail’s pace through the scanners. There was just a ton of people. And no one knew why. I have flow out of SDF early Monday morning several times before and never seen any line like this (or since). Truly weird.

So I finally get through security and miss my plane by about 20 minutes (they even held it a little late). Doh. To add insult to injurt, I found out that I had been bumped to first class all the way to San Jose. Doh!

So I called good ol’ Cisco travel and said “Errr… help?”. The nice lady said that she should get me to SFO by midnight (not really helpful if I was to fly out of Oakland to ABQ the next day). So instead, I just went to Albequeuruequeque a day early. Cisco travel just re-booked everything for me (including new flights, re-booking all my rental cars, which now came and went from different airports, etc.). They rocked; it would have truly sucked if I had had to do that myself.

Hum. I wonder where my luggage is? I found out later that my luggage had made my flight, even though I didn’t (so much to tight security!). I did have my backpack with me, so I had my cell phone, computer, and a few other odds and ends. But no clothes.

So I now wait for 5 hours in SDF and then fly to DFW, arriving in terminal A. I get out and look at the connections board — my outbound flight to ABQ leaves from terminal B, boarding in 10 minutes. Yoinks! I sprint to terminal B and get to the gate with 2 minutes to spare.

Hmm. Where is everyone? Shouldn’t there be people at the gate where my plane is supposed to start boarding in 2 minutes?

I look at the board again and the gate changed — to terminal D. Same departure time (2 minutes from now). YOINKS!

So I hop on the inter-terminal train and run into some other people who experienced the same problem (on my flight to ABQ; they went to terminal B and then saw it was changed to terminal D). Whew — at least I’m not insane.

The train arrives in terminal D and we jog over to the gate and join a large crown of hot, sweaty, annoyed fellow Albqueuruqueueans. The gate agent was very confused; he literally said “Why are you all here?” Awesome.

3 hours and a huge comedy of errors later, our flight leaves (out of the terminal D gate) for ABQ.

So I arrive in ABQ, sans luggage, and find myself in a monsoon. Yes, it’s the rainy season, and someone opened the spigot in the sky. If you’e never experienced desert rain, imagine a severe thunderstorm in the midwest without the thunder or wind and 17.37 times as much water. I sprint the 20 feet from the rental car building to my car and am thoroughly drenched. As I’m driving out of the rental parking lot (where you have to open your window to pass the rental agreement to the lot attendant), hail comes in my window. Hail! In the desert!

At the last second, I managed to round up some friends and have a good dinner in ABQ. Brian drove me to Wal Mart afterwards where I bought a new shirt, some deoderant, toothbrush, toothpaste. Tuesday at Sandia was pretty fruitful; we got lots of good stuff done.

So that night, I’m trying to board my flight to SJC. I can’t take the 1oz toothpaste with me (remember: I have no luggage) because it’s not in a ziplock bag. Gotta love the ridiculous rules sometimes.

Per my normal travel SOP, I put my backback and shoes under the seat in front of me. 2.5 hours later, when we arrive at the Oakland airport, I remove my backpack to find that it’s soaked. Cause (I discovered later): the kid from the family in the row in front of me had dumped a whole bottle of water into his seat, and it had soaked through. So my bag and my shoes were good and wet (no damage to my computer, thank goodness).

I get my rental car at OAK (thank you Cisco Travel!) and drive down to the SJC airport to pick up my luggage (Northwest tells me that it’s there). I get there around 9:30pm to find that the Northwest counter is closed. Closed! So I enter day 3 without any luggage.

After that, the trip got a lot better (e.g., I was able to pick up my luggage first thing Wednesday morning). So whatever debt I had incurred with the Travel Gods seems to have been paid off. But the first part of that trip was pretty chaotic.

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