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When 1 does not equal 1

Well, bunches of things have happened, so let’s try to summarize:

  • Adium finally hit v1.0
  • I’m engaged in a variety of tech projects at my church (improving the technology of the web site, extending the internet connection to multiple other buildings, improving wireless access, purchasing new computers, etc.).
  • We released Open MPI v1.1.4 and are steadily rolling towards v1.2. Actually, the vast majority of my time recently has been spent testing testing testing…
  • I got a bluetooth headset for my cell phone. It’s handy — definitely more convenient than my old hands-free, but sometimes it’s a little scratchy-sounding.
  • The munchkins continue to make more and more complex sentence structures in conversations. They understand basic logic now (“if you do A, you can do B”, “we’ll do X because of Y”, etc.), meaning that they understand cause and effect. This is, er, interesting because it means not only can they do more things, but also they can try to get away with more things (e.g., consciously grokking that mommy and daddy react differently to different things — they’ve always taken advantage of things, but it was at more of an unconscious level before).


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