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Ducks are not good doorbells

Bunches o’ stuff:

  • We finally released Open MPI v1.1.5 and Open MPI v1.2. Woo hoo!
  • The new Amazon/TiVo service, Unbox, is truly cool. I hope that this service stays alive. I’ve been a loyal Netflix subscriber for a long time, but I have to say that downloading straight to my TiVo beats Netflix in terms of convenience hands down. Tracy and I have downloaded a few movies and enjoyed them with all their TiVo glory (7 second repeat, etc.). You don’t get all the DVD extras, but that’s ok.
  • I got to see my brother in law, Mark, a few weeks ago while on some European travel.
  • The munchkins are always up to no good.
    • Kaitlyn came up to me the other day, tugged on my pant leg, looked up at me, and declared “I want to go try on dresses!” I’m so doomed.
    • We’ve caught Kathryn faking sleep (i.e., eyes closed and acting like she’s asleep, but you say something funny and she’ll smile).
    • Both munchkins have had variations on a 48-hour virus recently (not at exactly the same time, of course). That was fun.
  • I got some time on the 6th most powerful supercomputer in the world recently (the Sandia Thunderbird cluster) to do some scalability and development testing of Open MPI. Very cool, but very stressful (you don’t want to waste a single minute). Many thanks to the Sandia Thunderbird team for the opprotunity!
  • The weather’s getting warmer here; it’s supposed to hit 80 today. I might have to bust out the lawnmower for the first time this season, too. Grumble.


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