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My TiVo is dead -- long live my TiVo!

My TiVo died today.

It was one of the original TiVo-manuactured series 2’s, activated on June 6, 2002, making it 4 years, 9 months, and 25 days old. It led a good, productive life. Its disk and fan had been making increasing louder noises over the last few weeks; today, it refused to boot after a power blip. Its front-mounted green LED winked out as a final “goodbye, and thanks for all the fish.”

It is survived by its owners, Jeff and Tracy (the munchkins only know it as the Box That Plays Music).

There were 3 Big Bummers about my TiVo’s death:

  1. Dealing without TiVo for a while. I know that sounds callous — why should your life be so dependent upon TV? Well, that was kinda the point: my TiVo allowed me to not be dependent upon TV. It would record stuff whenever it was supposed to; I could then relax and watch shows whenever was convenient. Specifically: I never paid attention to the TV except when I wanted to; I’m barely aware of what shows are on what days of the week.
  2. There were several shows on the hard drive that we had not watched yet. Fortunately, they’re all available online (Medium, Battlestar Gallactica, Raines — all available legally, thankyouverymuch!).
  3. I had a lifetime membership on that TiVo, meaning that I wasn’t paying anything per month for the unit. TiVo doesn’t offer lifetime memberships anymore, so getting a new unit to replace this one would mean paying a monthly fee. I’m not opposed to monthly fees, per se, but when you’ve enjoyed a service for so long without paying a monthly fee (again, completely legally!), it’s a bummer to have to start paying one.

Just for the heckuvit, I called TiVo to see if there was any way to transfer my lifetime membership. And guess what? Since this was my original TiVo unit and it was the first time it failed, they’re sending me a refurb unit (with 80 hours storage; my prior unit only had 60) and transferring my lifetime membership to it. I’ll have to pay “exchange fee” that is about $45 more than I would have paid for a new 180 hour unit, but that’ll pay for itself in a few months because a new unit would have incurred a monthly fee (ok, yes, I’m a total cheapskate). Woo hoo!

I suppose that this really only delays the inveitable — when the munchkins get old enough to have their own TiVo and/or so many “family shows” start sucking up disk space on the machine that we need a [much] larger capacity unit. But that’s ok; I’m happy to put that off to another day (and/or just get a big second disk to put in the current machine).

So Big Kudos to TiVo: thanks for keeping a customer happy when, by the letter of their contracts, they didn’t have to! Just another reason to love TiVo. ☺


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