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And the no-feet guy said that there is a budget at WNXY and you're over it

I just returned from a combo trip to Lake Taho for the 8th Linux Clusters Institute Conference on High Performance Computing and to visiting home base in San Jose, CA.

The conference was cool; I heard some interesting talks and caught up with a bunch of colleagues. It was fun to present the current status of Open MPI and OFED and to talk with all the attendees (including a bunch of Ph.D. students who are doing some really cool work). The conference was well organized; one thing that I liked about it in comparison to other conferences is that they gave the afternoon off one day and encouraged everyone to go out an explore the area. That was great.

One thing that I didn’t know is that Lake Tahoe is literally on the CA/NV state line. My hotel was in CA; literally on the other side of the street was NV. I had to call home and do the obligatory, “Hey Tracy, I’m in California. Now I’m in Nevada. Now I’m in California. Now I’m in Nevada… (ad nauseam)”

The predictable reply: “It doesn’t matter where you are: you’re a dork.”

While in San Jose, Ted W. and Jerry took me on a hike up Mission Peak. Woof; it almost killed me, but it was great. Ted took a picture of me at the top as proof that I made it up (I think the picture is still stuck on his cell phone or I’d publish it here).

I also saw Darrell and Diann; it’s been too long since we had hung out together. We were having such a great time that I didn’t want to leave, but I had told Ted that I would meet him at 8:30am for the Mission Peak climb, and I really needed to get a decent amount of sleep before then.

A random note: the Cisco parking lots are filled with Jasmine flowers. They smell absolutely wonderful.

And speaking of Cisco, I got a new Cisco backpack recently because my old one was dying (the zipper pulls were coming off, the shoulder straps were ripping, etc.). Aside from the fact that it has no internal frame and wheels, I think I like this one much better than my previous one. It was a side pouch just for your laptop; tres kewl (and genuinely handy). It also has lots more random pockets than my last ‘pack; it’s much handier for keeping all my miscellaneous odds-n-ends apart from each other.


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