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Is this another one of your stories where the guy ends up being Richard Nixon?

We just returned from a week with my family in Philadelphia. The main purpose was to attend a baby shower for my sister’s upcoming fraternal twins (boy+girl), but we went for a whole week to hang out with Grams and Grandad. Oh, and to unload a whole bunch of our baby/infant twin gear on Robin. Woot!

The munchkins had a surprisingly fantastic time with their cousin Ally (who is only 6 months younger than they are). We were expecting them to do the toddlers-ignore-each-other game, but they actively played with each other quite a lot (first words out of their mouths upon waking up in the morning, “Is Ally awake yet?” / “Are my cousins awake yet?”). We measured several metric tonnes of giggling among the three of them. Some classic “three in a bathtub” pictures were taken, but we unfortunately missed taking pictures of “three ducks in a row” coming down the stairs together.

Great Aunt Amy and Great Aunt Mary were also in attendance which was quite cool; Amy had not met the munchkins yet.

K-n-K love dogs. Someday Tracy will cave in and we’ll get one. I’m patient.


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