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Ted took a bullet for me in the battle of San Louieabisbo

Random notes:

  • Do I have an iPhone? No, but they sure look cool. Maybe the next time I need a new cell phone…
  • Will it blend? Apparently, yes.
  • Darrell K. is the only one I know that got an iPhone.
  • We’ve had a good amount of rain recently and my lawn is looking great. It would be a fantastic time for Google Maps to take a new picture of my house.
  • My DSL model dropped out 6 times yesterday. Ugh. I’m getting a replacement Monday.
  • My in-laws’ DSL modem got fried in a recent lightening strike. They got a new one and after much trial and tribulation, discovered that it only sorta worked (would work fine for a while and then refuse to work), which is quite insidious because you can’t tell for sure that the modem is the bad piece. Yuck.
  • I found a phishng site specifically designed to lure Cisco employees to enter their internal passwords the other day. I reported it and watched it get shut down within 2 hours. Fun stuff!
  • We’re shipping a whole pile of baby/twins gear up to my sister for her impending twins. It seems weird to walk through doorways without baby gates in them.
  • Mohamad C., a student of Edgar G. at U. Houston and core contributor to Open MPI, is working as an intern for me this summer and doing some fun/interesting/useful stuff in probing the parameter space of InfiniBand.
  • I was on the phone with some colleagues the other day (a common occurrance for a telecommuter) and was discussing various Open MPI issues, talking about parent processes waiting for children deaths, the Mother Superior node policies, etc. My parents are here visiting and heard snipits of the conversation and were thoroughly shocked/appalled/confused. I had to explain that these are all common computer programming terms, not actual children mortality rates.
  • Burn Notice is a fun new series.
  • I finally took advantage of Louisville’s e-cycling program to ditch an old computer. Residents can only dump one item a day; I’ve got a few more dinosaurs to go…


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