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  • I am firmly, definitely not a cinnamon toothpaste person.
  • I have salt and pepper shakers made by Peugeot. They are both sporty and very fast to crank out the spices.
  • Kaitlyn likes to rip birthday presents open. Kathryn likes to take each piece of tape off and unfold the wrapping paper.
  • My sister created v3.0.1 and v3.0.2 recently (to complement the already-released v1 and v2, each from several years ago).
  • I recently popped a rivet on one of my rollerblades and was dismayed at the prospect of paying ~$150 for new blades. But thankfully a local small bike/shakeboard/blade shop fixed it up for the paltry sum of $5.
  • A friend of mine just shipped out to Kuwait for 1.5 years. Keep in mind that there are thousands of men and women protecting freedom out there (and you never hear about the good things that they do in the news).
  • In checking my annual free credit report, Capitol One is (by far) biggest checker of my credit ratings.
  • Kathryn likes tomato sauce on her spaghetti. Kaitlyn likes her spaghetti plain.
  • iLife’08 is truly cool. I will likely be posting all new pictures on my .Mac web site through iPhoto instead of through my existing Gallery web site.
  • I recently switched my church to use Google Apps after dismal service and performance from our prior ISP. The church has a permanent staff of about 12 people. They loves the Gmail.


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