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Disassembling cribs

Recently, I was trying to remove the moveable drop-sides from my munchkin’s Babi Italia cribs. I was dutifully trying to follow the instructions that came with the cribs about how to remove the sides to no avail: I couldn’t get the #$%@#$% crib sides off. I even gave the instructions to my wife — a mechanical engineer — and she couldn’t figure it out.

So I googled around and found one cryptic reference to someone who said that they called the Babi Italia support line and got some “alternate disassembly instructions.” That was a bummer for me; it was Sunday and the support line is only open during weekday business hours. But I called and left a message anyway. Eventually, they got back to me with a PDF containing the magic “alternate disassembly instructions.” The new instructions worked like a charm.

I asked if I could post the instructions here, but Babi Italia prefers if people call their support line to get the instructions specific to their cribs. So if you found this post via web searching, do not despair — simply call the help line and they’ll get you the right instructions.


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