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Google Analytics

I setup Google Analytics on JeffJournal a while ago to track who’s coming here (if anyone), what they look at, etc. The majority of hits on JeffJournal are (unsurprisingly) from people searching via google. Google tells me what people were searching for when they landed on JeffJournal. Here’s some of my favorites from the list, in order of frequency:

  • Purple (yes, just the word “purple”): 27 times
  • Ted Nudget: 14 times
  • “Get out of my chair dillhole”: 12 times
  • Tublecane: 4 times
  • Do elephants sweat?: 2 times
  • Insusient: 2 times
  • Past, present participle: 2 times
  • What does sagacious mean: 2 times
  • Winshields on 92 Saturns: 2 times
  • “Garelli 5000”: 1 time
  • “AIX sucks”: 1 time

Many of these hits come from the fairly random titling of my journal entries (it’s nice to see some other News Radio fans out there…). But it’s still amusing, nonetheless…


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