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Kaitlyn and Kathryn have invented their own word: koom. It means a lot of things, but the general zen of it is “I’m happy.” A variation on it is “Poom!” When they get a favorite food at a meal, “koom!”. When one kid does something funny, “Koom!”. When daddy stubs his toe and starts hopping around in pain, “KOOOOOM!”

Someone told me recently that I have not been putting up movie ratings recently. Good point. Here’s a few:

  • Woman on Top: Eh. I give it a “sympathy” rating; it was clearly a low budget romantic comedy.
  • Premonition: Eh. I give this one five feet. It was [intentionally] somewhat confusing while trying to be clever, but even the most trivial of plot analysis shows some gaping holes in the storyline.

Kaithlyn likes carbs. Kathryn likes red meat.

We’re finally trying to transition the munchkins to real beds. The next step is to remove the movable crib side so that it’s effectively a 3-sided crib. However, I was completely stymied by how to remove the darned thing. It has spring-loaded pins that keep movable side in its rails; I don’t see any way to retract those pins because they’re wholly within the crib side and rail (i.e., there’s no way to grab/retract the pins). The instructions that came with the crib about how to dissassemble it are nonsensical. I googled around and found a few other instances of people complaining about this exact issue, but only one cryptic reference to calling the help line of the company (which is not open on the holiday weekend, of course) who then gave “alternate” disassembly instructions which worked fine. Sigh. I guess I have to wait until Tuesday when the help line opens (which kinda defeats the point of weekend projects…).

Notre Dame got creamed by Georgia Tech in men’s football the other day. My (very sidelines coach/non-football expert) $0.02: if we don’t have some semblance of an offensive line, it doesn’t matter which quarterback we put in — he’ll get creamed, too.


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