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My new Blackjack phone

For about a year, I have had a Treo smartphone for work. It accessed my e-mail, could browse the internet, etc. It worked fairly well. Every once in a while, it would spontaneously reboot (maybe once every 2-3 weeks?), and the bluetooth on it is quite slow to pick up. But it was a generally reliable phone.

Work just swapped out the Treo’s for the Samsung Blackjack. Unlike the Treo, the Blackjack is based on Windows Mobile. I’ve only used the Blackjack for a few days now, but I’m less than impressed. I’m still figuring out all the things that are now “different” — but that’s not what I’m complaining about. Here’s what I don’t like:

  • Phone has locked up 3 times in 2 days.
  • It was completely locked up once such that I had to remove the battery.
  • It has “forgotten” my bluetooth settings 5 times such that my bluetooth headset suddenly stops working. I’ve been using the same headset with my Treo for many months, so I’m pretty sure it’s not the headset that is the problem here.
  • Sometimes a functional button will stop working. That is, it worked fine and all the sudden pressing it does nothing. If I reboot the phone, the button starts working again, so I don’t think it’s a mechanical problem.
  • The Treo had a better/easier interface and integration with my Exchange addressbook for SMS messages.

That’s pretty much it. I’m sure I’ll get used to the Blackjack over time and it’ll become the “natural” for me to use (and the Treo will become a distant memory), but for now, I’m annoyed that it’s just as unstable as I would assume that a Windows desktop would be. ☹


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E has a Blackjack (Deathstar) and I have a Q (Verizon), both Windows Mobile devices. We’ve had them for about a year. I really like the Exchange push integration, and the web browsing is useful in a limited way, but the Q device itself is flaky. My favorite failure mode is what I call “radio lockup” - the UI looks normal but it won’t answer calls, receive SMS or email until I reboot. Sneaky. Happens every few weeks. It’s not bad enough to make me give up the email/web features, but it’s really annoying.

E is pretty happy with her Blackjack but she doesn’t use as many of the features as I do. I’d say keep up with the ROM patches and cross your fingers.

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