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Velveeta is life

I was visiting Cisco Home Base in San Jose last week for various stuff right before Supercomputing, etc. (including moving my entire MPI development cluster to a new machine room with much more space). I got to have dinner with my cousin Lisa D. who is out there for school. I haven’t seen Lisa since 2002, when I was deployed in Arizona, so it was nice to catch up.

I also saw D. and D. for Halloween, which was quite cool. They bought me my very own pumpkin (how many friends do you have that would pre-emptively buy you a pumpkin?). I discovered that my pumpkin-carving skills suck; apparently I should be using the pumpkin-carving stencils that all the cool kids are using these days (when did competitive pumpkin carving become a hot market? and how did I miss the memo?). I also got to play with D’s iPhone. Wow, that thing is yummy! I still can’t rationalize buying one (mainly since Tracy and I both have smartphones for work that do e-mail, etc.), but the iPhone is still cool as hell.

(benefit of publishing this entry [long] after I wrote it: apple keeps releasing updates with new, cool iPhone features)

In the “it’s a small world” category, D. is now using Open MPI at work on a regular basis. He’s reported a few bugs in the past (fixes for which made it into the production releases), but now I understand that it is actively being used in at least some capacity. Neat!

It seems that Notre Dame’s football team took the season off. Oh well; I’m guessing that there’s some strange things happening behind the scenes that we are unaware of. Hopefully they’ll pull it together — there’s always the ‘08 season…


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